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I like to talk about art and writing. I consume a lot of Urban Fantasy books and media. Right now I'm digging Teen Wolf and Dresden Files the most. Buffy was my first supernatural favorite.

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Daily Dresden Drawings - Summer Knight Listens to Wind

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Daily Dresden Drawings - Summer Knight Listens to Wind


Listens-to-Wind was tricky. He is Native American and has eagle feathers in his hair as well as a bone necklace. But rather than dive into generic I tried to figure out what specific tribe he is from. Jim Butcher said in an interview he was from a Great Lakes tribe. Which helped narrow it down a little. Then McCoy calls him an Illinois medicine man. So I looked for tribes that were both near the Great Lakes and lived in Illinois before settlers forced them on reservations. Then I tried to find which ones wore both feathers in their hair and necklaces made of bone. I decided on the Pontiac because they fit all those and they have a nice website with pictures of both modern tribe members and historical ones.

So after doing all that digging I based where Listens-to-Wind has his eagle feathers in his long dark braided hair. He’s got his Senior Council robes on but you can see his bone necklace and a bead bracelet on one wrist. His build and height are both average. But his face is described as leathery and angular so I tried to push that.

Daily Dresden Drawings - Summer Knight Martha Liberty

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Daily Dresden Drawings - Summer Knight Martha Liberty


Martha Liberty doesn’t have a whole lot of description to her. She’s tall and black. She has strong arms so to makes that clear under her senior council robe I gave her broad shoulders. She has a necklace with large stones on it around her neck. Her hair is pulled back into a net that is rests on her neck. And putting in all the given details I tried to fill in the rest by looking at older black woman who are judges. Because I wanted her to reflect that kind of respect you would give someone of a high office like her.

Sorcery 101 1211 is up!

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Sorcery 101 1211 is up!

Sorcery 101 page 1211is up.

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And here is my to do list.

  • Draw Past Whispers (pencils 20/31 – inks 14/31 – colors 14/31)
  • Draw Broken (pencils 13/30 – inks 6/30- colors)
  • Draw Taken (pencils 0/32- inks – colors)
  • Draw Nightmares (pencils 0/31 – inks – colors)
  • Draw What You Know… (letters 10/30 – pencils – inks – colors)
  • Draw Fall (letters 0/51 – pencils – inks – colors)

Daily Dresden Drawings - Summer Knight McCoy

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Daily Dresden Drawings - Summer Knight McCoy


Ebenezer McCoy is Harry’s mentor. He’s a stocky man in overalls. He’s got a farm so I figured his overall’s aren’t completely clear and he’s probably got some sturdy work boots. He’s got some thick arms for farming work. I wanted to him to have an overall impression of sturdiness. He’s described as bald except for tuffs on the the side of his head and a beard. I also kept in mind a reveal later in the series of who he is related to. So I gave him a fairly sharp nose and little bit of a point to his eyebrows.

Daily Dresden Drawings - Summer Knight Mab

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Daily Dresden Drawings - Summer Knight Mab


Mab the Queen of Air and Darkness first appears in Harry’s office disguised as Ms. Summerset. Mab as a fairy queen is described as having the kind of beauty “men murder friends over and start wars for” which isn’t very helpful in figuring out what she looks like. So I made her curvy because Harry comments on her ass when she leaves and thinks about how low cut her shirt is. For Mab’s face I continued the giving fairy’s noses that go pretty straight from their forehead. I did this for Lea. It gives both of them a more animal/wild look to their faces. It helps push the inhuman/unearthly look to fairies. Mab has cat slit eyes and full dark lips. I gave her high arching eyebrows cause as the winter queen is supposedly all the villians in fairy tales. So I wanted to channel some Maleficent with them. She is wearing a women’s suit. The length of her skirt and high of her heals and the low cut of her top are all explained as appropriate for professional settings, but just barely. Her hair is described as white but pulled up in a way that makes it look like cloud behind her head. I assume a bun from the rest of her professional deguise but something with enough give/styling so be visible from the front. So basically a less uniform version of the hair Jean Grey had is the Hellfire Club before going all Dark Phoenix. So yeah know, referencing a different black queen.